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Is Your "To Do" List Too Long?

A-Z Handywoman

A-Z Handywoman is a service-oriented business for busy people who are looking for assistance completing personal tasks.

It's like having a trusted personal assistant, a great hotel concierge or a really good friend.

Someone you can depend on to help you. A person who will get your "to-do" list completed.

A person who can run errands, weed your garden, fix minor things and help with the maintenance around the house -- be that extra pair of hands.

Someone willing to do things just the way you like it done.

Rates start at $30 per hour plus tax. Dump fees and truck usage will be an additional charge. Payment is due the day of service. In person cash or check is accepted or you can pay with a credit card via PayPal on my website.

Monthly contracts are available for repetitive chores. For example: you may contract with A-Z to provide for household chores or errands for a relative.

Are You Looking For:

A clever, mechanically able do-it-yourself woman with a truck and plenty of tools to help you get your "To Do List" done?

Someone you can trust to get things done right and on schedule?

A personal assistant you don't have to nag?

Services Include:

  • Yard Work
  • Dump Runs
  • Plant Selection and Planting
  • Minor Household Repairs
  • Power Washing
  • Shopping
  • Errands for Seniors
  • Pet Care
  • Package Pick-up
  • Computer Basic Skills Training
  • Bark Delivery
  • Prepare House for Sale
  • Custom Gift Shopping
  • Odd Tasks

Contact Us Today!
Phone: 360-485-9498   Email: lana@a-zhandywoman.com

Proudly serving Tumwater, Olympia, Lacey and greater Thurston and Pierce Counties in Washington.

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A-Z Handywoman
A-Z Handywoman
A-Z Handywoman
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